Friday, 11 March 2011

A Friday night hello to Molly Bloom's

Evening everyone !

it’s Friday night and spent earlier this evening creating a stretch card, couldn’t resist introducing Molly Bloom to my collection and just to “say hello” I have used the free gifts that was in a magazine I bought a couple of months ago ( simply cards and paper crafts) .... There will be more cards to follow later in the month as I have my eye on one or two in the new collection! .....and one never knows what mother’s day may bring lol!

I saw this design of stretch card earlier in the week and I have had a go myself from memory and I don’t think it looks too bad ...see what you think?

I have to sign off and put all my crafty things away now (sighs) and have some hubby cuddle time.....Be back blogging soon bloggers....X


sue said...

very nice helen it looks hard to do,but well done u,sue xxx

Nelly's Crafty Card Attack! said...

Thank you Sue  is a Dl card and folds flat into envelope nicely, weren’t too hard to do.....I’m going to try another doing scallop top! Now that may be a challenge he he... xx

Linda said...

ooh! I got that mag too. Gonna find my Molly blooms out and give them a go. Might try it with a simpler card though....I can't see how you've done it. Tell me Thursday....nice blogbackground by the way :-)