Saturday, 15 October 2011

when is aTrouser hanger not a Trouser hanger????

Hi everyone!
I'm still laughing to myself but think I will be the only one in my house that can see the funny side ! ....Saturday morning and my family was off out doing fabby fun things whilst i stood doing the ironing ready for Monday... I went upstairs with  hubby's trousers on hanger in hand when I got distracted in my craft area as I needed to get some ribbon out of the box it was all stuffed away in,.... when this happened! ... don't ask where his trousers are..... he he he!!! 


Sam said...

Ooooo I want one of those ribbon...oopps sorry trouser hangers too lol x
Sam x

Helen Anderson said...

Hahahahahah rofl!!! Fantastic idea hun, much better use of a trouser hanger than to hang trousers on!!

Helen xx

Dawn said...

Cool! Love it!
Dawn xx